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The Schaftlein Report | Democrats Pass Tax and Spending bill on Party line vote

1) Senate Parliamentarian gave the OK for Democrats Tax. Climate and Drug bill to proceed.
After Amendments failed, the bill passed the Senate 50/50 along party line votes and Harris broke the tie.
“Biden got credit for nothing” – Jonathan Karl ABC News.
$450B in spending with Inflation running hot.
Obamacare subsidies through 2024.
86K new IRS agents
15% corporate tax and an excise tax on gas
Electric cars, fossil fuels and renewable energy are the big winners

2) 528K jobs created in July. The unemployment rate fell to 3.5%. Why do 70%of Americans believe the Economy is going to get worse?

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3) Republicans chose Milwaukee as the site for their 2024 Convention.

4) Trump won CPAC straw poll by 69-24 over DeSantis.

4A) With no Trump in the race DeSantis gets 65%, Don Jr. 8%, Cruz 6% and Pompeo 5% .

5) Joe Kent has rallied to trail by only 257 votes with 89% of the votes cast in Washington 8 seat.

6) Gov Greg Abbott continues sending migrants to NYC and DC.

7) Crime has gotten so bad in NYC that 10 criminals have been arrested 500 times due to bail reform. What bail?
Businesses are moving away from high crime blue cities with Soros back District Attorneys

8) Rasmussen has Biden at 45% approval. The Real Clear Politics average is 39.6%

8A) The Generic ballot has Republicans +3%. The RCP average is 0.1%.

9) Gov. Abbott of Texas continues with busing illegal immigrants to NYC which is a sanctuary city and residents are not happy

10) Consumer confidence in the housing market hits a 10 year low and Inflation expectations are 6.2% for the next year
then 3.2% for the following 3 years.

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