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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Is a Soft Landing at Hand?

Guest - Dr. Michael Busler from Stockton University

Schaftlein Report | Guest – Dr. Michael Busler from Stockton University

Headline – Is a Soft Landing at Hand?

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1) 275K Jobs created in February, however January revised down by124K from 353K to 229K
1A) Unemployment Rate climbs to 3.9%
2) Wage growth running around 3.5%, while job postings are down and labor supply is up
2A) The Labor Participation Rate is stubbornly low.
3) Powell – “No rate cuts until Inflation nears 2% goal
3A) Inflation is at 2.4% and the Core Inflation Rate is at 2.8% This remains a top concern among Americans.
We’ll dive deeper into this.
4) Economic growth came in at 3.1% in Q-4. Why do 69% of Americans feel the country is going in the wrong direction?
5) Biden never mentioned the $34T in Federal Debt. Implications?
6) 10 year note running around 4.06 % while the 2 year is at 2.46%. Still inverted.

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