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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | The Absurdity of the Trump Cases, Broken Border and High Prices

Guests: Richard Battle and Dr Mark Sherwood

Headline -The Absurdity of the Trump Cases, Broken Border and High Prices

1) Willis or Wade,one must go. In our opinion, they BOTH should go
1A) Bragg delays NY Stormy case 30 days – Another beauty of a case targeting Trump
2) Schumer election interference in Israel blasting Netanyahu only helps him domestically
2A) House working on stand alone aid bill for Ukraine and Israel – looks so- WHAT ABOUT THE BORDER?
3) Is Steve Garvey really ahead of Adam Schiff in early polling in CA Senate race?
4) In an insane statement, NY Gov. Hocul blames Republicans for the border crisis. Her and Adams got what they wanted Pure Dystopia
5) Democrats in full panic mode in 5 way race as fears grow that Kennedy, Stein and West take votes from Biden. who is behind Trump 39-36
5A) Biden approval is low with an average of 39%, 538 had him at 37.5%. VP Harris is even lower at 36%
5B) Democrats plan on attacking the 3 non Republican opponents
5C) Trump leads in all 7 swing states as Biden received NO State of the Union bounce
6) In Economic news, Wholesale Inflation rose tot he highest level since September +.6% and 1.6% annually.
These costs are passed on to consumers with no relief in sight. Food and energy are spiking again.
6A) 44M people have a food crisis including 1 out of 5 kids.
6B) Foreclosures are on the rise in many parts of the country. Condo prices are falling in Florida
7) The country is $34T in debt and growing at a rapid pace. This is a HUGE problem.
7A) Despite the spike in Inflation, Wall Street still expects to see 3 rate cuts this year. We disagree.
8) No more Duty, Honor, Country at West Point?
9) Female athletes revolt and sue NCAA or guys participation in women sports and share same locker room.

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