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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Inflation Crushing Consumers causing Pain for Biden and Democrats

Guests - Joe Visconti & Richard Battle

Headline – Inflation Crushing Consumers causing Pain for Biden and Democrats

1) Consumers now expect 3.1% inflation of higher, consumer sentiment falls from 79.9 to 77.9
1A) Inflation is costing Americans an extra $1,069 per month since Biden took office CPI came in at 3.5%
1B) Hopes for quick rate cuts evaporate on Wall Street
1C) Energy, Food and Housing are the culprits
2) In CA, workers unions are demanding $20 an hour across all businesses. The inmates are running the asylum.
3) Polling tightens in Trump/Biden race however Black and Latino voters shifting to Trump?
Both of these can’t be true. We’ll explain. Kennedy support running around 12%. Stein and West at 1%.
3A) Trump’s control of the party platform is growing with GOP generally supporting his positions – Speaker Johnson to meet, .
4) Ted Cruz +9 and Rick Scott +28 have early leads in Senate contests. Larry Hogan leads in blue Maryland
5) Republicans call for NPR to be Defunded. It’s about time to close the Left Wing Media outlet.
6) Israel prepares for Iran attack as U.S. warns. Tries to persuade Iran not to attack? U.S. shifts Israel policy with leftists calling shots in White House.
Did someone say Michigan?
7) Biden violates the law by cancelling $7.4B in student debt means we go deeper in debt and non college educated pay for college educated
8) Predictions for 2024 Races

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