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High Inflation, High Oil and Mask Mandates – Not Again?! | Schaftlein Report

High Inflation, High Oil and Mask Mandates – Not Again?! | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Gary Demar – American Vision President ( )
1) Manchin raises serious concerns over $3.5T spending plan of Democrats
2) PPI up 7.8% year over year with a 1% increase in June
3) Vaccine shots mandated for Federal Health Care workers totaling 25K people
4) Biden blames OPEC for high oil prices after his administration did everything it could to hinder production
*Keystone, Alaska,New Mexico fracking and drilling off the coast of Louisiana
*Texas Governor Abbott says Texas can pump more oil
5) Lt Gov. Kathy Hochul plans to run in 2022 for Governor of NY
6) Portland Defunded $16M from police budget and now Private business owners are hiring Private Armed Security Companies
7) U.S. embassy in Afghanistan urges all Americans to leave the country
8) Ky Gov orders mask mandate in all schools – The Education Superintendent lashes back calling the governor a Liberal Lunatic
9) 327 Illegals arrested in Texas as border continues to spiral out of control
10) CA Recall election now allows Downloading of ballots. In addition, the state is mailing ballots to all Registered voters
11) Biden forgets Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer name calling her Jennifer – Maybe he confused the current governor with the former governor Jennifer Granholm who is in his cabinet

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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