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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | What did Biden’s Trip Accomplish?

Guest Andrew Crapuchettes

Schaftlein Report | Guest – Andrew Crapuchettes, Founder – Red Balloon

Headline – What did Biden’s Trip Accomplish

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1) Humanitarian aid, $100M more of YOUR Tax Dollars for what? How is it distributed to those in need?
Opening of 20 trucks from Egypt for supplies at the Rafah Crossing – OK

A delay in Israeli military Operations – Maybe – Jury is still out

2) Rashida Tlaib should be expelled from Congress. She is Anti-American, a disgusting liar and pathetic human being.
In the face of evidence, she still blames Israel for hospital parking lot bombing.

2A) Pro Palestinian protesters storm the capital. Only 3 arrested. Where is the outrage?

3) U.S. vetoes UN resolution condemning Hamas as there is no language in it to allow for Israel to defend itself.

4) Sen. John Fetterman says now is NOT the time for ceasefire. We totally AGREE. He receives massive backlash from the left which has gone insane.

4A) 9 rockets fired from Lebanon.

5) In Presidential politics, Trump leads Biden in 5 of 7 swing states (AZ,GA,NC,PA,Wisc.) Biden leads in 2 (Nev and Mich)
The collective margin is +4 which is outside the margin of error being + or – 1.

5(A) Trump is +14 on the Economy and +11 om Foreign Policy

6) Jordan withdraws from Speaker race in a victory for Moderates and Democrats. Yes that’s right. Pathetic.

6A) McHenry likely Interim speaker until January?

7) Inflation continues to hammer the lower and middle class workers. Mortgage rates above 8%.
Problems in commercial real estate emerging as predicted.



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Mark Schaftlein

Mark Schaftlein is a conservative political commentator on the International stage through VietnewsTV and host of The Schaftlein Report, a televised political talk show which seeks to address factual political news without the left-wing bias of the mainstream media.

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