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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Trump Forces Biden to the Border a Catastrophic Policy Failure

Guests: Tom Amenta and Joe Visconti

Schaftlein Report | Guests: Tom Amenta and Joe Visconti
Headline – Trump Forces Biden to the Border a Catastrophic Policy Failure

1) Biden going to the border (Brownsville ranked 29th) only Weakens his position while Trump (Eagle Pass 1st) gains Strength.
1A) Major cities like NY, Chicago and Denver are becoming part of the Welfare State Network as budgets explode for illegals
1B) Border Patrol Union Rips Biden calling the policy a Catastrophic Disaster. Trump vows Deportation.
1C) Jeh Johnson well respected former Border Czar under Obama says the “Crisis” must be addressed.
2) In Two Major Polls, Trump’s lead over Biden is expanding. Border, Inflation and Biden’s age are top[ issues
2A) Bloomberg/Morning Consult – he is up in all 7 swing states and +6 Nationally. Same results in Emerson poll
2B) Real Clear Politics Average shows Trump up by +3 and Biden approval average at 40%
2C) In a 5 way General Election scenario, Trump expands the lead over Biden in a 5-8 point range
2D) Former Speaker McCarthy says Biden uses Cards to speak in meetings are rarely deviates indication he has mentally slowed down by a lot
3) In Law fare news, an Illinois judge tosses Trump with a pending Supreme Court ruling ahead
3A) Supreme Court to hear Immunity claim case
3B) NY Appellate court will NOT lift judgment stay as Trump tries to secure bond.
3C) Millions of Americans are fed up with the legal process targeting Trump – “A sympathetic figure”
3D) Kennedy qualifies for the ballot in Georgia and Arizona
4) Over 100 dead after stampede in Gaza food line – Of course Israel gets blamed. Calls for cease fire grow by Democrats
5) In Economic new, the Personnel Consumption Expenditure index rose at an annual rate of 2.8%. Inflation coming down but still elevated.
5A) Excluding Food and energy 2.4%. Food and Auto costs remain high
6) McConnell stepping away from Senate leadership. We’ll discuss his legacy and what it means.
6A) John Thune is early favorite to replace.
7) Adam Schiff leads CA Senate jungle Primary. tight for 2nd with Steve Garvey and Katie Porter

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