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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Trade War with China coming

Guest – Joe Visconti Political Analyst / Activist

Headline – Trade War with China coming? Biden Sinks

1) China unofficially bans I-phone sales to government officials?

2) Soaring value of the dollar causing concern in Asia. Oil near $90 while Biden cancels ANWAR approved drilling rights in Alaska.

3) US economy appears to be growing faster than anticipated in 2023. Why are so many people disenchanted?
Millennial and Generation Z are not in the labor force to the degree of their past generations.

4) Secretary Blinken in Kiev to support Ukraine.

5) Hunter Biden indictment on gun charges? Really?

6) Biden polling numbers are BAD. Democrats don’t want him by 2-1. Trump picks up 10 cross overs (we’ll explain that)
However in head to head versus Trump it is very tight within the margin of error in most polls. Haley leads by 6 in hypothetical Biden match up

7) CNN poll shows Biden approval at 39%

8) Poor Mayor Eric Adams says migrants will destroy NYC. We told you so a year ago.






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