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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Secretary Blinken and President Biden Unwavering Support for Israel

Guest Jeffrey Dunetz

Schaftlein Report | Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

Headline – Secretary Blinken and President Biden Unwavering Support for Israel

1) Hamas calls on Muslims to mobilize.

1A) Hamas is identical to ISIS

2) 360K Israeli troops amassed

3) U.S. Special Operations involved?

4) 5 Democratic Senators and scores of House members call for a freeze on $6B of Iranian funds.

5) Backlash against radical Democrats for criticizing Israel and supporting Palestinians

6) Intelligence failures come to light in Israel

7) In politics, Scalise still short of needed votes

8) Trump and DeSantis are even with Biden. Haley leads by 4.

8A) Trump leads in 3 early primary states by 30 points as field remains fractured.

9) In closely followed Ky Governors race, incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear leads Daniel Cameron in polls.
Ky has been a good predictor of Presidential results the next year since 2000.

10) UAW strike expand to Ford plant in Louisville which is Ford’s most profitable operation.

110 Consumer Price Index came in at 3.7%. On the high side. Rates higher for longer? YES




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