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Schaftlein Report | Russia Escalates Ukraine War by Arresting U.S. Journalist

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

1) Russia charges WSJ reporter on Spying charges. WSJ denies it and demands immediate release.
Court date set for May

1A) Top U.S. General confirms Russians are being slaughtered in the war.

2) Attorney General Merrick Garland in a blatant political move advised not to arrest abortion protestors earlier this yer
at the homes of Supreme court Justices.

3) 9 dead after 2 black hawk helicopters collide while training in KY

4) There has been another train derailment, this time in MN.

5) Jobless claims are at 198K, up 7K but still a low figure

5A) Biden extends drilling in the Gulf of Mexico 2600 square miles – A move to the center?

6) In politics, Biden approval hovers between 38-42% while his disapproval is between 54-56% going in the wrong direction

6A) Trump leads DeSantis by 30 with the rest far behind.

6B) In a match up between Biden and either Trump or DeSantis, it is a 2 point race +/-

6C) AZ Democrats sue to prevent a 3rd party No Labels from being on the ballot. Growing concerns over Biden and losing the Senate.

7) NHL may cancel “Pride night” because players refuse to wear LGBTQ gear. Good for the players!!

8) Pope hospitalized with upper respiratory infection

9) Batter Up

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