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Schaftlein Report | Republicans favored but Democrats lead in Early Voting

Schaftlein Report | Republicans favored but Democrats lead in Early Voting

1) Inflation, Crime and Border/Immigration issues are working for Republicans

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2) Generic Ballot has Republicans +3.4

2A) Real Clear Politics projects Republicans win 29 House seats and 3 Senate seats

2B) PA tied at 46%, one poll has Oz +4

2C) Laxalt up 1% in Nevada, Hassan up by 2 on Bolduc in New Hampshire – McConnell pulls funding?
Vance +4 in Ohio, Johnson +3 in Wisconsin, Murray lead falls to 3 in Washington.

2D) Abrams losing badly in GA Governor race down 7-10 points. Campaign manager paid $Millions from non profit she set up.

3) Biden approval at 39% as Independents and some Democrats flee

4) Majority of Americans blame the crime spike on “Woke Policies of Democrats”

4A) Largest ever drop in Math scores attributed to same issue

5) Appellate Court temporarily stops Biden’s Illegal Student Loan Forgiveness scheme. 22M have applied so far.
Biden claims congress passed it by 1 or 2 votes? He is lost.

6) Russia launches massive missile attacks on Ukraine causing major power outages while the 101st Airborne Division is in Europe on the border of Ukraine

7) 50 shot in Chicago over the weekend.
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