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Schaftlein Report | Republicans Continue Gaining in Polls

Guest – Heather Shouse

1) Election Polls:

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Hocul (D) lead narrows to 4 over Zeldon (R) in NY Governor race – Quinnipiac poll

Fetterman (D) lead over OZ (R) narrows to 2 in PA Senate Race – AARP poll

Kelly (D) lead over Masters (R) narrows to 1 point in AZ Senate Race – Trafalger poll

Lake (R) extends lead to +3 in AZ Governor Race – Trafalger poll

2) Biden approval holds steady at 40% and he does not go out on the campaign trail. Why would anyone want him near them.

2A) CNN commentator Gloria Borger – “Biden does NOT want the election to be about inflation and the economy. Sorry, he is losing that argument.

3) Republicans are trusted more in the key issues of Inflation, Economy, Crime and Border.

3A) Abortion falls to 5th as only 1 in 10 make it a priority and the split is 40-37 Democrats – Republicans meaning they are essentially canceling each
other out.

4) Biden advocates full term abortions. Is his base that insecure where he has to pander to the far left wing?

5) Rubio has stellar debate performance over Demings in FL Senate battle. He currently leads by 4.

6) Democratic Senator Warner acknowledges the $1.9T rescue plan was too large contributing to inflation.
Unemployment had fallen from 15% to 6%. Inflation was running at 1.4% and we were well on the way to recovery.
Democrats ruined that with terrible economic policies.

7) Americans are increasing credit card use as they run out of money to buy basic necessities. This is a bad omen.

7A) Federal Reserve signals another 75 basis point hike as persistent inflation grips America

8) Republicans are pounding Democrats as soft on crime and the message is working
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