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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Media Turning on Biden?

Guest - Richard Battle

Schaftlein Report
Airdate: Thursday, February 20, 2024
Guest: Richard Battle
Headline: Turning on Biden?

1) Democratic Media Stars Ezra Klein of the NYT and Nate Silver of 538 state Biden is too old and infer he should step aside.
1A) Mental Health acuity in question. “No plan to fix the campaign”- Silver.
1B) Trump leads Biden between 2-7 points nationally and in all key swing states
1C) Betting odds have Trump at 43% and Biden at 27%. Biden approval at 39% never moving up or down a point
1D) Biden raised $42M in January and is too stubborn to leave the race
2) Was Navalny poisoned. How do you go from ‘relative good health” to dropping dead. Still no body. A bad cover up.
3) NY Governor and DA admit Trump was targeted. No investor lost any money.
3A) Kevin O’leary blasts NY officials claiming businesses are leaving due to poor management in NYC. Truckers now protesting.
4) Border Fiasco is now a top issue for Democrats as illegals invade sanctuary cities and swarm recreational facilities and schools.
5) Russia Collusion Hoax being exposed
6) Russia/Ukraine was not going well
7) CA fast food wages going up to $20 from $16 in April. How many places will close?
8) CA Senate Jungle Primary in 2 weeks – Schiff, Lee, Porter and Garvey in the running.

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