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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Mass shooting in Maine

Guest - Richard Battle, Conservative Author and Commentator

Schaftlein Report | Guest – Richard BattleConservative Author and Commentator

Headline – Mass shooting in Maine

1) 18 dead and killer at large. Certified Fire Arms instructor with mental health issues.

2) Mike Johnson of Louisiana elected Speaker – Fabulous initial speech focus on Debt, Border security and aid to Israel

3) U.S. GDP rose 4.9% in Q-3. All indications are leading to a slow down as interest rates remain elevated.

4) Israel tests ground invasion into Gaza as daily bombings to kill terrorists continue. Rocket hits Tel Aviv. Hamas traps and blocks Palestinians from leaving.

4A) Biden and Netanyahu confirm Israel will decide on the invasion time line not the U.S.

5) Iran drone attacks against U.S. military personnel continue in middle east. Why has our government not responded tot he Iranian actions?

5A) Iran foreign reserves now $60B versus $4B when Trump left office.
They have gone from selling 400K barrels of oil a day to 3M under Biden. Why is this happening?.Appeasement DOES NOT work.

6) 40 FBI confidential sources confirm Biden crime family activity. Cover up – Grassley

7) Will liberal Jews finally abandon the left after their atrocious actions and votes?

8) UFC announces Bud Light deal and the boycotts and protests begin. When will they ever learn?

9) Jamaal Bowman pleads guilty to pulling fire alarm in capital. What a dumb ass.

10) Ca Gov. Newsome in China to meet XI





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