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Schaftlein Report | Inflation Cost Americans $445 More per Month to Live

Schaftlein Report | Inflation Cost Americans $445 More per Month to Live

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

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1) Wide split on Biden energy policies showing the following disapproval:
Republicans – 72%
Independents – 54%
Democrats – 15% Classic Definition of LOW INFORMATION VOTERS

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at a 40 year low thanks to Biden poor policies.

biden asks energy companies to produce more oil and slash prices. This is REVERSE Economic theory.

2) Housing delivers a mixed report:

Home Sales declined 24% year over year, However the Average selling price rose 8% to $385K.
1.25M homes are for sale which is a 3.2 month supply. A balanced market is a 6 month supp;ly.
3 year fixed rate mortgages are now 7.22%

3) Election notes:

Generic Ballot GOP +6 and Biden Approval at 39%

Pennsylvania tried to accept mail in ballots without dates.
OZ pounds Fetterman on crime

Cook Political Report moves Florida Senate race from Lean Republican to Likely Republican as Rubio strengthens his lead

Washington Senate race moved from Solid Democratic to Likely Democrat as Murray lead shrinks

4) Supreme Court asked to BLOCK Biden Illegal Student Debt Relief program.


A.Washington D.C. city counsel votes 12-1 to allow Illegal Immigrants to vote in local elections. This will not pass congress as opposition grows
from both parties but it illustrates the insanity of leftists.

B. Large numbers of police officers resign in St Louis a crime rate soars

C. San Francisco spends $1.7M to build a public toilet. The city blamed inflation.

D. Black Americans are being crushed by Democratic crime and no bail policies.
20% of population in NY and 72% of crime victims
13% nationwide and 50% of crime victims.
1% of streets produce 25% of crime in NYC
5% of streets produce 50% of crime in NYC
Similar story in other blue cities like Chicago and Memphis.
This is a social break down on massive proportions

6: Foreign Affairs:

6A) British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns after just 6 weeks at the helm. Her policies were rejected by financial markets.

6B) China – Are they moving to take Taiwan sooner under Xi?

6C) How long will Putin remain while deaths climb past 65K? They lost $15K in Afghanistan.
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