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1) Abuse of Power and Obstruction among Biden family corruption as Impeachment probe launched

2) Will this shake up the Presidential race?

2A) Harris on Face the Nation says she doesn’t understand Trump question on election and says she is ready but fully endorses Biden
The American people do not want or like her.

2B) Harris, Newsome, Buttigieg, Whitmer and AOC among alternatives? We’ll discuss.

3) Biden leads Trump by 2 in Morning Consult poll however he trails Biden by a larger margin in Doug Shoen poll ( He is a Democrat centrist)

4) Budget talks House conservatives demand the following:

No more weaponizing DOJ
Reversing WOKE diversity, equity and inclusion and LGBTQ+ policies
Lower spending levels
Border security
Biden Impeachment

5) Oil at highest level $92 in 10 months

6) $6B to Iran in prisoner swap

7) Blue city and state blues as illegals overwhelm sanctuary havens – Gov. Abbott and Mayor Adams exchange insults

8) Putin – “Trump charges politically motivated”

9) Biden embarrasses the USA while in Vietnam







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