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Schaftlein Report: Economy Expands in Q4 2022

Guest – Tom Amenta

1) Gross Domestic Product expands by 2.9% in Q-4. First time unemployment claims fall below 190K.

1A) For the full year 2022, growth was 2.1%

2) Democrats at he White House are mad at ChevronV for distributing profits to shareholders with Dividends and stock buy backs

3) Russia fumes as the west sends tanks to Ukraine. Russia fires missiles at civilian targets and kills 11

4) Representatives Schiff and Swalwell removed from Intelligence committee as McCarthy promised

4A) Schiff announces he is running for Senate in CA. Rep. Katie Porter previously announced.

5) In Memphis, the city is on edge as a release of the police video is pending. A man was stopped for traffic violation, tried to evade police.
Pursuit took place, suspect was taken to hospital and died 3 days later.
All parties involved are black – The victim, the 5 cops and the police chief. Police chief says excessive force used by cops. District Attorney charging all five with second degree murder and additional charges

6) Trump reinstated on Facebook and Instagram. Does anyone care?

Andrew West

Andrew West is a freedom-forward author from the State of Georgia who has been covering politics since 2016.

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