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Russian Atrocities Called Out | Schaftlein Report

Russian Atrocities Called Out | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Tom Amenta – Chief Development Officer of United Valor and Author of the new book “The Twenty Year War” ( )
1) Piled up charred and burned bodies piled up in Bucha – Sickening war crimes – China calls the killings “Deeply disturbing”
2) Zelenskyy – What is the UN for if it won’t deal with blatant aggression and war crimes – Suspend Russia from Human Rights Commission?
*Sure – That will work – NO
3) Gen. Milley at the start of the invasion said it would be over in a few days – Now he says it could go on for years – What gives?
4) Czech Republic sends tanks and Infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine – U.S. sends tank killer drones
5) G7 to ramp up sanctions on Russian banks, ban investments in Russia
6) Covid Bill for $10B of additional spending held up until Biden agrees to keep Title 42 in place at southern border
7) Biden extends student loan repayments until 8-31 – A blatant political move pandering
8) Federal Reserve will begin reducing its $9T balance sheet in May along with raising interest rates in effort to slow inflation
9) Inflation is costing the average American $433 per month or $5,200 per year
10) Treasury Secretary Yellen pressed hard by both parties to increase sanctions against key Russian figures – Why certain ones have not been sanctioned – Classified information?
11) Sacramento shooting suspect was released early from a 10-year sentence for assault, domestic violence, robbery and possession of a firearm, despite the District Attorney requesting he stay in jail – The guy had a machine gun and automatic weapon – Another bad example of the revolving door to let criminals out of jail
12) Democratic strategy for mid terms – Scare their base – Blame Trump for everything
*This will not work
13) Shortages of tubing, steel and workers will inhibit drilling efforts in the U.S. even if Biden allowed increased production

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