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Biden’s Misery Index Grows while Polls Hit New Low | Schaftlein Report

Biden’s Misery Index Grows while Polls Hit New Low | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Joe Visconti – Emmy Award Winning Producer
1) Violent crime has spike in vulnerable Democratic house districts
a. Fentanyl coming across the Southern Border is killing an alarming number of people all across the country – Violent crime committed by illegals is soaring
b. LA Mayor candidate Karen Bass wants to hire more cops while the LA Board of Supervisors wants to fire 4,000 officers over not being vaccinated – The sheriff opposes this action
c. Squad member and radical Cori Bush continues to push DeFund the Police against the wishes of Democratic leadership
2) More women and Hispanics Republicans are running than ever before – 253 women and 228 people of color are running – John James to run for House seat in Michigan
3) Economic News – Misery Index which is the unemployment rate + Inflation stands at 11, highest level since 2007/2008 recession
4) Biden approval at 39.8% in Real Clear Politics average of polls – A new low
5) Many cities and states are dropping mask mandates, but not the Federal Government
6) Joe discusses Iran’s role in the Middle East and its Warhead Missle development
7) Democrats say they want to move to the center to pass bi-partisan bills and leadership seems to have got the message – We’ll see?
*Political Pressure after left wing agenda fails to pass
8) Biden and the Radicals in the White House to spend $30M on crack pipes

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