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$1.2T Infrastructure Bill Passes with 13 Republican Votes | Schaftlein Report

$1.2T Infrastructure Bill Passes with 13 Republican Votes | Schaftlein Report
1) This is a Big win for Sen(s). Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema – Also, the $1.75T spending bill on expanding social safety net and climate faces major hurdles
*SALT CAPS pushed to help wealthy
2) Voters cared about the following issues: Economy, Education, Jobs, Inflation, the Pandemic, Labor issues and Police Security
3) Voters did not care about identity politics, Defund the police, Donald Trump and climate change – Everything Democrats stand for. Only 34% of Americans support Build Back Better and Climate provisions
4) Democrats are NOT connecting with average American voters – People do not want Build Back Better bill – Voters recognize it as a social welfare state expansion
5) High turnout did NOT hurt Republicans. Democrats are now seen as Tax and Spend Socialists with Sanders, AOC and the Squad, Biden and Pelosi as the faces of the party
6) China, India, and U.S. say NO to abandoning coal – GOOD!
7) Biden Approval at 38% a new low – Harris is worse at 28%
*64% do NOT want to see Biden run again (28% of Democrats)
*58% do NOT want to see Trump run again (24% of Republicans)
8) Administration warns of $4 gas prices average in America – It’s already $5 in CA – Consumer confidence for next 6 months hits new low of 38%
9) Republicans lead in the Generic ballot 43.3 to 42.8 for first time since 2014 foretelling a potential bloodbath for Democrats in 2022
10) 50 shot in Chicago over the weekend – 9 killed
11) Vaccine Mandates may cause loss of 50% of border patrol agents while 200K per month try to cross – Opioid floods into U.S
12) Biden reverses course and says families separated deserve compensation

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