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Zelenskyy Addresses the United Nations | Schaftlein Report

Zelenskyy Addresses the United Nations | Schaftlein Report
Guest: John Eidsmoe – Colonel Mississippi National Guard & Constitutional Lawyer
1) Colonel Eidsmoe discusses Ukraine
2) Zelenskyy says Russia soldiers are acting as a terrorist state, criminals not soldiers, and they are killing civilians, bombing civilian targets
a. The military is stealing everything, people taken against their will to Russia
b. Worst War Crimes since WWII
c. UN needs to show how war criminals will be prosecuted and punished
d. Crimea, Georgia and Ukraine – What is next?
e. World has not seen all of Russia’s atrocities
3) World leaders consider additional sanctions on Russia
4) Russian economy expected to decline by 10% with Inflation hitting 23% – Shortages of goods
a. EU to ban imports of Russian coal
b. Treasury Department bars Russia payments in dollars from U.S. accounts
5) Border Disaster 62K escaped border patrol and gained illegal entry into the U.S. last month
*Title 42 removal looms in May which could lead to 18K people trying to cross every day
6) John discusses Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination to the Supreme Court

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