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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | IDIOTS Take Over College Campuses

Guests Joe Visconti and Lee Elci


Guests: Joe Visconti and Lee Elci Headline –

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1) Protests against Israel and for Hamas accelerate

1A) “U.S. looks like 1930 Nazi Germany” – Benjamin Netanyahu We agree!!

1B) Speaker Johnson called on Columbia President to resign – We agree!!

1C) USC cancels graduation 1D) Some universities are now arresting students. Our opinion “lock them up and watch snowflakes melt. 1E) Mark Levin – “The Hitler youth”

2) Economic growth slowed to 1.6% in Q-1 while high inflation persists

2A) Home prices are at an all time high despite 7%+ mortgage rates

2B) Biden budget proposal to allow Trump tax cuts to expire meaning higher rates for millions of Americans. 2C) Biden also wants to raise the capital gains tax

2D) Electric Vehicle sales are a disaster as Ford reports losing $1.3B or $132K per car. Tesla stock near 52 week low. People do not want these cars in mass

3) Polling has been all over the map with some polls showing Biden gaining while others show Trump in the lead. Consensus at Real Clear Politics is Trump leads in 6 of 7 swing states narrowly.

3A) Trump leads by 1-2 points nationally 3B) Biden job approval at 40%

4) 65% of Americans feel Biden is physically unfit to serve while 59% question Trump’s ethics

5) Illegal entry into the U.S. is a huge issue as a majority now want Mass Deportation

6) Supreme court hears Trump Immunity case. Justices appear to favor some form of limited immunity?

6A) NY case drags on. It never should have been brought.

7) Right Track 25%, Wrong Track 65% (minus 40)

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