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VP Harris – “A Sinking Ship” | Schaftlein Report

VP Harris – “A Sinking Ship” | Schaftlein Report
1) Senator Bob Dole dies at 98 – A GREAT American Patriot
2) VP Harris Staff leaving due to Poor Leadership and a Toxic Work Environment – “A sinking ship”
3) Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain complains that Press Coverage of Biden is too negative – Laughable!
4) Economic News – Job growth of 210K was well below estimates of 550K however the unemployment rate fell to 4.2%
*Labor Force Participation Rate remained steady at 61.8% while those aged 24-54 work rate was 78.8%
5) Wage growth was 4.8% while Inflation is running at 6% – this eats away at the gains
6) We are still 3.9M workers below when the pandemic started
7) Former Senator David Perdue to run against Governor Brian Kemp in the Republican Primary in Georgia
8) NYC – Vaccine Mandate for Private Companies?
9) Omicron now in 17 states
10) $1.75T climate and Social Spending bill likely not to be voted on until January – Issues with SALT, Immigration and CBO Score
11) 64% of Democrats view Socialism favorably – Only 14% of Republicans – Both still approve of Capitalism by a wide margin and have over the past decade
12) NRCC expands list of Democrats targeted in 2022 to 70! Wow!

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