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U.S. and NATO MUST Aggressively Increase Support for Ukraine | Schaftlein Report

U.S. and NATO MUST Aggressively Increase Support for Ukraine | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Attorney Teisha Powell – Political and Legal Analyst, Author of the book “Liberal Lies: Discover The Lies Being Told By the Liberal Media and the Establishment”
1) Russians increase shelling in Kyiv
*Fox News camera man killed
2) Anti-war protester disrupts live Russian TV on their number 1 show
3) Various reports indicate Russian advantage in the war could cease in 14 days – Loss of equipment, poor morale and mounting loss of life
4) Ukraine asks for more weapons to fight the Russians – Speech to congress tomorrow
*Negotiations continue with the Russian delegation – 3M refugees have fled the country
5) Economic fall out from the war – Ukrainian farmers are running out of fuel – Agricultural prices are likely to spike in Europe
*Food shortages in Europe and the Middle East are coming
6) Russia is the world’s largest wheat producer at approximately 30% – Ukraine produces 10%
*If the conquest goes to the Russians, more control over food supplies will be in the hands of the Russians
**The U.S. used to produce 30% and over the past 30 years, it has declined to 13% due to increased corn production with massive subsidies from the government for ethanol
7) Producer Price Index climbed 10% in February in the U.S
8) U.S. and Russia continue to engage in Iran Nuclear Deal talks – What a disaster policy initiative
9) Saudia Arabia considers accepting Chinese Yuan for oil purchases – U.S. and China have intense discussions over China’s role supporting Russia
10) Sen. Joe Manchin says no to Fed nominee Raskin over her radical energy positions – Excellent
*Fed to begin interest rate hikes
**Conclusion – U.S. and NATO are ALREADY at War with Russia – We must recognize this and quit discussing non expansion of the war

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