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Tornadoes, Inflation and Putin | Schaftlein Report

Tornadoes, Inflation and Putin | Schaftlein Report
1) Kentucky Tornadoes – 64 deaths and 105 unaccounted for
2) Inflation hits 6.8%, the highest since 1982
*Gas up 58% -Used Cars up 31% – Rents up 19% – Food up 6% – Apparel up 5%
3) Putin amassing troops and equipment on Ukraine border
4) CBO claims the Build Back Better $1.75T Social Welfare and Climate bill will add $3T to the Deficit if all programs are carried out for the full 10 years
*Democrats tried shorter term funding and gimmicks to try getting around this – Senator Joe Manchin is highly concerned
5) Chris Wallace leaves Fox for CNN+, Brain Williams signs off from MSNBC
6) Hillary Clinton – If Trump runs and wins, it could be the end of Democracy – LOL
7) IRS collects $565B in first 2 months of fiscal year – A RECORD!
8) 48% of Americans believe Biden is not “Mentally fit” to be President
9) Minneapolis and City counsel now fund Police at almost the same level as Pre- George Floyd – so much for DeFund the Police…
10) Biden blames poor poll numbers on Misinformation and Corona Virus
11) 60% of Republicans want Trump to run in 2024 – 37% of Democrats want Biden to run

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