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The Schaftlein Report | Unseal the Affidavit

Guest – Bill Federer Author and Historian
Socialism – The Real History from Plato to the Present

1) Trump demands Affidavit be unsealed. Trump lawyer says Department of Justice opposes Independent Review of seized records.

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DOJ says No to unsealing affidavit.

1A) 3 Trump passports seized and returned

2) Inflation Enhancement Act provides up to a $7,500 credit for certain groups to by an EV. The average price is now $66K.

Ford just raised prices by $8,000.

2A) Congressional Budget Office confirms people earning less than $200K WILL pay an extra $20B in taxes from the Inflation Enhancement Act.

2B) Biden to sign Inflation Enhancement Act today adding 87K IRS Agents – Did Biden represent this to you when he campaigned for President

3) Demand for oil and gas is back to Pre – pandemic levels while builders are slowing construction of new homes rapidly.

4) On the Culture War Front we have the following observations:

A. A North Dakota School Board has voted to remove the words “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance

B. A Minneapolis Teachers Union Agreement stipulates that White teachers will be laid off first regardless of seniority.

C. A left wing publication Atlantic Magazine claims the Catholic Rosary is an “Extremist symbol”

D. In a confusing statement, the CDC says people exposed to Covid – 19 no longer have to isolate? That’s not what we have been told for 2 years.

E. San Franciso reverses course and agrees to REFUND the police by $120M after DeFunding it by that amount last year.

Predictably, crime soared.

5) Primary day in Alaska and Wyoming today

6) Ukraine bombs ammunition depot in Crimea multiple explosions

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