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Schaftlein Report | Republican Disappointment excluding Florida.U.S. House likely to Flip

Schaftlein Report | Republican Disappointment excluding Florida.U.S. House likely to Flip
Guest – Joe Visconti

1) Governor Ron DeSantis +19 and Senator Marco Rubio +17 have huge wins in Florida.
Dade and Palm Beach counties flip to Republican. $73M spent on Demings to lose hugely

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2) Young voters propelled Fetterman in PA by 3 points in a total disaster for Republicans.

3) GA likely goes to run off as expected. Warnock has small lead.

3A) Nevada results not likely known until Saturday. Extremely close with 120K ballots outstanding.
Laxalt leads by 23K with 80% counted. Potential only Senate incumbent to lose and best hope for Republican flip.

4) Republicans likely to flip House in much closer races with projections of 220-215. A +10 pick up. 218 Needed for control.

4A) Senate appears to show 49 – 49 Tie with run off in GA and the Nevada race in the balance.

5) Longshot states WA Murray +14, NH Hassan +10, Bennett +12 were fools gold – All blowouts

6) Johnson wins by 1% (27K votes) in Wisconsin.

7) Arizona is too close to call however likely to stay Democrat as Kelly leads

8) Vance wins big in red Ohio +7. Budd holds North Carolina by 3.

9) Kemp wins big in GA +9 as Abrams burns $105M and Abbott wins in TX +9. Arizona Governor race too close to call at Lake needs to make up 10K votes.

9A) Hocul wins by 5 in NY as Zeldon outperformed. House seats flip in NY.

9B) Mastriano crushed in Pennsylvania Governors race.

10) Early voting crushed Republicans.

11) Inflation and Abortion WERE the top issues.

12) This was a Disastrous night for Trump Republicans

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