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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Hurricane Idalia barrels toward Florida big Bend North of Tampa

Guest – Tom Amenta

Headline – Hurricane Idalia barrels toward Florida big Bend North of Tampa

1) Implications for a state with Property Insurance Issues – Potential Category 3

2) Biden’s age continues to be an issue as 71% say he is too old

2A) 3 Biden aliases and 5,000 emails – Impeachment Inquiry potential

2B) No change in Job Approval 42-53. Right track wrong track at 24-65. Open border, crime, poor economy and bad energy policies

2C) Another Whopper as Biden claims to have influenced Strom Thurmond on Civil Rights Act but he was on 21 and still in college.

3) Climate Change Alarmists Red Faced Democrats Sen(s) Markey and Durbin silent as Maui says down power lines were to blame

4) Car theft up 104% in Chicago as Mayor blames car manufacturers for poor anti-theft devices.

4A) Retail theft at $100B as Nordstrom closes SF flagship store

5) Culture wars- Modelo sales up 20%, Bud Light down 20%

6) Capital is leaving China. Banks cut rates on mortgages and deposits. Lower collateral to buy stocks, American business see too risky environment

6A) Property crisis, high youth unemployment and $13T in debt for local governments

6B) Under reported genocide continues in Xi visit to Turkistan – a culture being erased







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