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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Guest Tom Amenta

Interest Rates Spike and McCarthy Fights for Speakership

Guest – Tom Amenta

Headline – Interest Rates Spike and McCarthy Fights for Speakership

1) 10 Year note rises above 4.75% and 2 Year above 5.1%. Stocks become vulnerable

1A) Record Federal Debt and the Federal Reserve shrinking its Balance Sheet.

1B Geo-political risk is high with war in Ukraine continuing, gas and insurance prices rising.

1C) CA raises fast food workers pay to $20 per hour minimum. We’ll discuss ramifications

1D) Is Stagflation around the corner.

2) Matt Gaetz tries to oust McCarthy in vote today. This is a clown show and not good for the GOP

3) In New Hampshire Trump is at 49%, Nikki Haley is now at 19%, DeSantis is at 15%

3A) 84% of Trump voters will not switch. 39% of primary voters say they would consider changing their preferred candidate.

4) Kennedy to switch to Independent. What will be the effect?

5) Biden Approval still under water however Rasmussen has it at 49-48 approve of Biden job. However other polls show his support around 41% and 54% disapprove – RCP Average.
Which polls is correct?

6) Rampant Crime i cities – Rep. Cuellar’s car is carjacked and prominent reported in Philadelphia is murdered.

7) Trump Fraud case continues with Judge to decide case. Hunter pleads Not Guilty.

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