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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Build The Wall 2.0

Guest: Joe Visconti


1) Poetic Justice – Trump was right all along. Border Security as Democratic leaders succumb

2) Speaker Battle – We’ll analyze

3) Economy in trouble? Jobs report tomorrow as interest rates remain at elevated levels

4) Russian terrorist strike in Ukraine leaves 49 civilians dead. Future Funding ?

5) Trump and Biden in virtual tie despite all of the country’s problems. Job approval 40-54 upside down.

5A) Haley rising in New Hampshire?

6) Cornel West and Kennedy to run as Independents – What effect will this have

7) Murder in NYC as 18 year old deranged black kid stabs White guy in unprovoked attack

8) Pelosi evicted – Liberals scream

9) Trump ordered by judge to not transfer assets.

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