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Schaftlein Report | Budget Debate in Washington

Schaftlein Report | Budget Debate in Washington
Guest – Bill Federer William J. Federer
1) Short term spending bill or long term? Military or discretionary spending.
This is the debate on government funding bill. We’ll dive into it.
1A) Biden wants to prioritize spending for Ukraine and Covid along with the Defense Authorization.
2) “Flat out lie” – Oil companies claim Biden is lying saying domestic oil production is discouraged in the U.S.
citing 125 actions taken to reduce domestic production
3) The economy grew at a revised rate of 2.9% in Q-3 up from a 2.6% initial figure.
The forecast for Q-4 is 1%
4) McConnell casts doubt on Trump after diner with White Nationalist
5) Crypto “death spiral” continues as another firm called Bitfront closes.
Numerous crypto firms paid high interest rates on crypto deposits that had no backing other than fictional coins they created and leveraged up and borrowed on.
A Classic Ponzi Scheme unraveling.
6) Something called a “non-binary who worked in the Biden Administration charged with stealing luggage in an airport.
This is INSANE. Male/Female – no, Heterosexual/Homosexual – no.
The insanity of identity politics

Mark Schaftlein

Mark Schaftlein is a conservative political commentator on the International stage through VietnewsTV and host of The Schaftlein Report, a televised political talk show which seeks to address factual political news without the left-wing bias of the mainstream media.

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