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The Schaftlein Report

Schaftlein Report | Biden Takes the Low Road – Democrats Very Nervous

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Guest – Joe Visconti Headline – Biden Takes the Low Road – Democrats Very Nervous

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1) His entire election strategy is to Blame Trump for everything. mentioned 40 times in speech in South Carolina

2) 74% say Biden is too old, His Job Approval is stuck at 40% and 67% say country is on the Wrong Track

3) Iowa is one week away and Trump leads DeSantis by 25+. Trump in D.C. court fighting Immunity Issue

4) New Hampshire closes as Haley gains support. 39-32 Trump leads but 43% are undecided leaning Haley. Are these numbers real?

5) Biden openly trying to influence Israel to get put of Gaza as his poll numbers shrink and he feels heat from the radical left. Meanwhile, Israel and Hezbollah near war as attacks increase.

6) CPI up 17% since Biden took office. 45% say they are worse off under Biden., only 23% say better for a -22 rating

7) In economic news, office vacancies hit 19.6% the highest since 1979

7A) 50% of credit card debt can’t be paid and they are paying 20% interest.

8) Putin deploys his National Guard in occupied Ukraine.



Mark Schaftlein

Mark Schaftlein is a conservative political commentator on the International stage through VietnewsTV and host of The Schaftlein Report, a televised political talk show which seeks to address factual political news without the left-wing bias of the mainstream media.

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