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Russians Hold and Rams Win | Schaftlein Report

Russians Hold and Rams Win | Schaftlein Report
1) Is Ukraine NOT joining NATO the Crux of the issue – Yes according to the Ukrainian Ambassador
*Ukrainian officials request meeting with Russians
2) Rams win Super Bowl 56 – Controversial calls on Bengals on 3rd and 8 Holding which lead to Rams touchdown – Donald and Kupp star in victory
3) In the John Durham probe, it appears the Hillary Clinton campaign provided false Russian collusion plots against the Trump campaign
*The Clinton campaign hired people to infiltrate the Trump servers – Indictments are possible
**She is dirty and crooked – WE already knew that
4) In a 2024 poll by John McLaughlin, Trump beats Harris by 11 points 51-40 and Biden 49-44
*Trump/McConnell try to sway the Senatorial mid terms
**Biden approval among Blacks falls to 70% from 90%
5) AOC goes on the road to campaign against Incumbent Centrist Democrats in primaries
6) Hispanics moving to Republicans because Democrats abandon Tradition, Family and Love of Country (The Leftist part of the party) calling the shots
7) Trudeau upside down 35-48 as a result of trucking fiasco – Ontario drops mandates?

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