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Russia Uses Chemical Weapons, Inflation at 40 Year High | Schaftlein Report

Russia Uses Chemical Weapons, Inflation at 40 Year High | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Joe Visconti – Emmy Award Winning Producer
1) What is the U.S. and NATO response to chemical weapons use by Russia – Is Biden prepared to escalate as he said he would?
*10,000 dead in Mariupol?
2) Finland and Sweden move closer to joining NATO
a. Opposition leader Vladimir Kara-Murza detained in Russia
b. 5,800 cases of Russian War Crimes being investigated
c. Putin purges 100 FSB Agents, arrests leader and placed in prison
d. As we predicted, starvation looms over many countries – Russia is at fault – Protests around the world
e. China calls NATO confrontational in rebuke to driving wedge between Russia and China
3) 13 injured and 10 shot in Brooklyn subway station attack – police looking for black man wearing a gas mask
4) CPI comes in at 8.5%, core excluding food and energy is 6.5%
*U.S. gas prices average $4.11 – Biden “I did this stickers” abound
5) Biden announces new rules on”ghost guns” – This issue is not even the top 20?
6) U.S. orders staff out of Shanghai as starvation looms
7) NY Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin arrested on Bribery and Fraud charges
8) Oberlin college owes $33M to bakery in judgment payment for being guilty of slander
9) 80% of Americans support reduced immigration
10) 15M still on lockdown in Shanghai
11) Senator Grassley – “Enough evidence to support Biden investigating”
12) Lunatic Climate activists arrested for blocking entrance to a coal waste plant targeting Sen. Joe Manchin for supporting fossil fuels in West Virginia

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