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Putin Blames the West for Ukraine War | Schaftlein Report

Putin Blames the West for Ukraine War | Schaftlein Report
1) Russia retreats from Karkiv after bombing a school killing 60
*Putin claims the West including Crimea was preparing to invade Russia
**More fraudulent propaganda
2) Interest Rates rise as 10 year note yield hits 3.185% – Still nowhere near inflation levels
*Rate increases will likely hit low income people hardest – We’ll detail the economic picture and outlook
3) Bi-partisan opposition grows to the radical idea of cancelling student debt and the legality is in question
*This is a crazy left wing radical idea to bail out universities and the students who took on this debt
4) The radical left hits a new low by protesting at Justices private homes
a. An arson attack on a Wisconsin Prolife group
b. The Outrage Addiction Culture rages on every time they lose a political battle
c. In Arizona poll, women care way more about inflation then abortion
5) Sen. Schumer and liberal democratic Senators vow action – They are lying to their base as they know legislation is going nowhere
6) Poll- 50% trust Republicans to tame inflation while just 31% support Democrats
7) In the second biggest upset in Derby history, Rich Strike scores at 81-1 on a fabulous Kentucky Derby day

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