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Oil spikes to $130, Civilian Casualties Mount | Schaftlein Report

Oil spikes to $130, Civilian Casualties Mount | Schaftlein Report
1) White House rejects boosting domestic oil production to lower gas prices
*The world produces 95M barrels per day and Russia is the #2 producer accounting for 11%
**Environmentalists in Biden administration holding this back – U.S. consumers are hostage to this insane policy – Bowing to an irrational climate change ideology
2) The average price of gas hits $4.00 in the U.S – In CA it’s $5.25 as oil trades at $118 per barrel
3) The U.S. considers banning import of Russian oil
4) Americans want Biden to stand up to Russia, end the slaughter in Ukraine
*80% approve banning Russian oil, 81% more penalties on Russia – 74% no fly zone
**Ukraine backs away from no fly zone request shifting to request for planes
5) Russia continues shelling of residential ares bombing civilians, businesses and stores
6) Russia demands the following:
a. Stop all Ukrainian military action
b. Reject joining NATO and the EU
c. Acknowledge Crimea as Russian territory
d. Recognize the two breakaway territories so Donetsk and Lugansk as Independent states
7) Stagflation is upon us – Higher inflation and slower economic growth estimated to now be 1.5% in Q-1
*Wage price spiral is a risk
**Oil spike risk
8) U.S., Iran and Russia continue working on the Iranian nuclear deal? Insane

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