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No More Masks Outside – FREEDOM | Schaftlein Report

No More Masks Outside – FREEDOM | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jennie Jones – Assistant Professor, American Government & History – Masters in American History and Politics
1) No mask outside – No Kidding! HHS Secretary says wear a mask outside? – 1 in 5 Americans will not get vaccine
2) Kerry denies Iranian claims. Democrats stand by Kerry. Republicans demand investigation. Resignation if true
3) Joint Session for Biden speech limited to 200 due to corona virus. What changed from Trumps trial? Total hypocrisy.
4) Harris blames corona virus for not coming to border for 34 days. No press conference either. Some migrants moved back to Mexico.
5) 46 people shot in NYC last week compared to 12 in the same period one year ago.
6) Education Secretary Miguel Cardona pushed hiring “woke” teachers in 2019 email.
7) James Carvill claims Wokeness hurting the Democratic Party.
8) Ca Gov. Newsome recall effort qualifies for November ballot.
9) Liberal Dems push to cancel student debt up to $50K
10) Washington Post no longer Fact Checking Biden Administration – critics howl
11) Cuomo continues to deny his 10 accusers

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