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New and Improved Ultra MAGA | Schaftlein Report

New and Improved Ultra MAGA | Schaftlein Report
Guest host: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
Guest: Kenneth McClenton – President of The Exceptional Conservative Network ( )
1) Are you an Ultra Maga?
2) Republicans Press AG Garland to Prosecute Pro-Abortion Demonstrators Outside Justices’ Homes
3) Liberals are making up stories about the Alito document for example saying it will kill contraception ruling – Will Draft decision hurt the GOP in midterms?
4) PPI +11% , and CPI is up 8.3%  US Household Debt Hits Fresh Record High of Nearly $16 Trillion, NY Fed Says – Future of Inflation
*Some economist say we are already in a recession – Others say not yet, it’s coming in 2023 – Is it Putin’s fault, Trump’s fault, American Voters’ fault, was it caused by the bully who used to beat me up in elementary school??
5) Biden Admin Cancels Major Oil and Gas Lease Sales Amid Soaring Gas Prices – Where were the oil/gas cancelations
6) Is Russia looking to pull out of Ukraine? Ukraine military doing well – Some reports they’re Pushing Russia out of the North and Russia considering trade – leaving Ukraine in exchange Kherson referendum on which country do they want to be part of – Doubt Zelensky will agree, he has said before he won’t give up any Ukraine territory – That Includes Crimea which Russia invaded and took over in 2014
7) 2021 record amount of drug deaths 108,000 +30%
*71K of deaths from fentanyl-66% of total. Why do you think fentanyl deaths is growing so fast? Is it because Illegal immigration?
8) Chamber of Commerce CEO Says Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Just Plain Wrong’ About Inflation – Blames Corporations

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