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Liberty University CEO Summit headed by Dr. Ben Carson | Schaftlein Report

Liberty University CEO Summit headed by Dr. Ben Carson | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Dave Brat – Liberty University Dean, School of Business ( ) – CEO Summit event August 10-12
1) CEO’s from around the globe to gather at Liberty University
2) Goals and Objectives of the Summit
3) Rents up 11% YTD and Inflation running at 5.4% outstripping wage gains
4) Infrastructure bill still being written, almost $600B of additional spending within a $1.2T bill – Agreement at hand according to Sen. Schumer and Sen. Portman
5) Democrats still going to push $3.5T bill on “human” infrastructure – Another Entitlement with no Republican support – Status uncertain
6) CDC loses much credibility as recommended Mask Mandates return even for the Vaccinated folks. Why?
*Sen. Cruz rips policy “No mask mandates, no vaccine mandates, no lock downs, no school closures”
*Break through cases increase
7) Seattle rebuilding its Police force after losing 250 officers while crime surges up 33% this year
8) Chicago Police Chief blames the courts for early release of violent criminals for crime surge
9) The Border is out of control. Human Sex Trafficking soars. I have a real time report from New Mexico
*Biden administration says to not use the term “Illegal Immigrant”
10) House Democratic margin falls to 3 votes after TX Special Election win by Jake Ellzey beating a Trump candidate
11) Biden approval hits a new low at 46% while 52% Disapprove
*26% Strongly approve while 42% strongly Disapprove resulting in -16% – That is bad

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