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Infrastructure Bill Delay? Blue Origin and Bezos Soar | Schaftlein Report

Infrastructure Bill Delay? Blue Origin and Bezos Soar | Schaftlein Report
Guest: William J. Federer – Historian, TV/Radio Personality ( ), and Best-selling Author of the new book ‘Socialism – The Real History from Plato to the Present: How the Deep State Capitalizes on Crises to Consolidate Control’
1) Infrastructural Bill procedural vote scheduled for Wednesday by Schumer is in trouble as the final bill is not yet completed.
*He wants a Shell Bill to then be supplanted with the real bill coming later – Who does that? Republican moderates have asked for an extension until Monday
*Democrats are trying to add Amnesty to the second 3T human infrastructure deal
2) Bezos and Blue Origin rocket to space completing a successful space launch and landing!
*Commercial space travel to follow
3) 47% of Americans are vaccinated Blacks and Hispanics lag – Teachers Unions pushing universal masking? Fauci “3 year olds and up wear mask in school”
4) Biden administration warns against helping Cubans by boat warning asylum seekers will be arrested
*According to DHS, those fleeing poverty and crime are allowed while those fleeing a Communist Dictatorship are not allowed
5) Free speech violation? – A judge ordered a Trump supporter to remove an Anti-Biden profanity included sign from his yard or face $250 per day fines
6) The Misery Index makes a return – Inflation Rate + Unemployment Rate. 6.9 when Trump left. 11.5 today under Biden. Jimmy Carter 21.9
**We’re heading in the wrong direction

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