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Humanitarian Crisis in Mariupol | Schaftlein Report

Humanitarian Crisis in Mariupol | Schaftlein Report
1) No food, water or medicine in Mariupol as over 200K residents are at risk – Bodies in the streets – Russia shoots at unarmed civilians
*International rules of law are being systematically disregarded – Even rules of war!
2) Russian airstrike kills 35 at military base in western Ukraine
3) 2.8M have left the country out of 45M people
4) Biden gives $200M of aid to Ukraine and congress passes $13B in additional aid
*Bi-partisan members of Congress want airplanes delivered
5) So far the war has been a Strategic Disaster for Putin – He is escalating atrocities
6) Poll: 52% believe Biden’s actions are not enough toward Russia, 36% say OK and 12% say too strong
7) Poll: 59% support No Fly Zone, while 41% Oppose
8) Poll: 65% want tougher Economic Sanctions, 61% more weapons but only 21% support direct military action against Russia
9) Poll: Summary 46% approve of Biden’s handling of the war and 54% Do Not
10) Germans have doubled their defense budget
11) Commentary:
a. Why are only 70% of Russian banks off the SWIFT system? It should be 100%
b. Europe needs to rapidly reduce dependency on Russian gas
c. More Oligarchs need to to have their assets frozen
d. Recognize the fact that Putin is a murderous Dictator and potentially a psychopath
12) Retired General Barry McCaffery: “Russia would be squashed by an attack on a NATO country”
13) Spill over effect – China warns of consequences for military support for Taiwan
14) Tom Brady unretires and the NCAA Basketball Tournament Field is set

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