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Expel Maxine Waters from Congress | Schaftlein Report


Expel Maxine Waters from Congress | Schaftlein Report
1) Maxine Waters should be expelled from Congress
“Stay on the streets”
“Get more confrontational”
Congresswoman Lauren Bobert and many others – She is inciting a riot.

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2) Chauvin Trial – Many Cities on edge, Minneapolis is fortified, 2 National Guard troops injured over the weekend
3) Vandals target a defense witness house with blood and pigs head.
4) Liberals attack police amid a surge in murder and violent crime. We’ve had 150 mass shooting this year and the idiot liberals want to reform police. Quit blaming the cops and address the crimes.
5) Polarized country – 95% of Democrats approve of Biden 88% of Republicans do not
6) Border Crisis – Biden finally admits to the truth. Harris is nowhere to be found. 26 days and nothing.
7) Elizabeth Warren pushes Biden to forgive $50K in student debt. John Kennedy – Why should people that did not go to college pay for those that did?
8) UN Ambassador Ms. Thomas Greenfield trashes U.S. Mike Pompeo – She should resign.
9) Arizona to Audit the 2020 election – Better late than never
10) Rick Scott Chairman of Senate Reelection Committee on 2022 issues:
Open Borders – Schools shut down – Men playing women’s sports – Voter ID – Keystone pipeline jobs – Expand and pack the court plan out of liberal Democrats – DC Statehood – Talib – No more police or prisons – Raising taxes

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