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Election Results – a Warning for Democrats | Schaftlein Report

Election Results – a Warning for Democrats | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Dean Reuter – General Counsel of The Federalist Society and Author of the new book:
“The Hidden Nazi – The Untold Story of America’s Deal with the Devil”
1) SF District Attorney Boudin removed in recall with 60% voting for the recall
a. Rising property crime
b. Homelessness
c. Drug abuse and lack of mental health
2) Karen Bass and Rick Caruso will square off in the fall for LA Mayor job
*Bass spent $3.5M and Caruso $13.5M
**Caruso won but did not achieve 50%
3) Gov. Newsom and Senator Padilla easily won
4) Republican House races across the country saw incumbents hold strong
5) Gov. Christi Noem easily won race in South Dakota – Sen. Grassley coasted in Iowa
6) Supreme Court has 30 cases pending to decide including abortion, gun rights, ease funding for religious schools and climate change rules
7) Nationally, the price of gas hits $4.97 rising for 10 straight days – We have a refinery shortage in this country – None built in the last 20 years
*Diesel is a huge problem
8) Smear efforts of the January 6 commission begins next week with televised hearings to the delight of the left-wing media
a. Prediction – It will not sway voters as that issue barely registers with American voters
b. It is a Hail Mary pass to deflect the disastrous poll numbers out of the White House

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