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Economic Problems Are EVERYWHERE | Schaftlein Report

Economic Problems Are EVERYWHERE | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Dr. Michael Busler, PhD. – Public policy analyst, Professor of Finance at Stockton University
1) Democrats propose Wealth Tax on Unrealized Capital Gains for Billionaires
+ 15% minimum Corporate Tax to pay for Social Program expansion – Free Community College dropped from bill
Paid leave to be reduced from 12 weeks to 4?
*Socialist Democrats in the House vow to withhold votes on already passed $1.2T Senate real Infrastructure Bill
2) Supply Chain disruption challenges persist
3) Study finds Government Assistance policies are leading to more people leaving the work place – No end insight a labor shortages increase cost of doing business
4) Oil above $87 a barrel and gas prices soar – Biden Administration anti-energy policies are a direct contributor to this problem
*Their solution – Ask the FTC to investigate while they should simply look in the mirror

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