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Democrats Go Apoplectic Over Leaked Draft | Schaftlein Report

Democrats Go Apoplectic Over Leaked Draft | Schaftlein Report
1) Chief Justice Roberts to launch investigation on leaked draft opinion
a. Protests erupt on both sides as Conservatives cheer and Liberals in despair
b. Senate Democrats unlikely to be able to legislate a pro-abortion bill – Far left wing radical huts call for court packing and end to filibuster – Not happening
c. By 54-41% margin, most Americans are in favor of limiting abortions after 15 months
2) Russians storm Mariupol steel plant and take control of the city
*Ghost drones are now being used by Ukraine to target Russians
**Reports of up to 30K Russians killed
3) JD Vance, a Trump backed Senate candidate in Ohio wins GOP primary – Progressives shut out
4) 84% support Voter ID and cleaning up voter rolls – 60% oppose ballot harvesting
5) In some Senate races, Democratic candidates are running against their own party on Inflation and oil prices
6) EU is proposing a ban on Russian Oil
7) 11.5M job openings in the U.S., only an estimated 300K jobs were filled last month
8) Democratic politicians caused inflation and they were warned about their disastrous policies in advance
*The loose Federal Reserve also contributed to this inflation situation – oil and easy money lead to this
Summary – Democrats are getting good at losing

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