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Cuomo Resigns and Democratic INSANITY Reigns | Schaftlein Report

Cuomo Resigns and Democratic INSANITY Reigns | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Joe Visconti – Emmy Award Winning Producer
1) Gov Cuomo tenders Resignation effective in 2 weeks
2) Senate passes Infrastructure bill with 19 Republicans voting in favor. Uncertain future in the House. 57% oppose the 2nd Fake bill
*90 Liberals oppose until the 2nd fake infrastructure bill which is nowhere until the fall – SALT cap relief to benefit the wealthy
3) CRIME INSANITY – Minneapolis moves to Defund the Police – 911 responders without police – Dismantle the police department – Replace with licensed “peace” officers
*City council supports, the mayor is against
*200 cops resigned or retired meaning the force is 25% below normal while crime spikes
4) CHICAGO – 72 shot and 11 killed – Female officer killed and her partner in critical condition after traffic stop – 2 brothers in custody + a female passenger
*Police turn their back at Mayor Lightfoot. Prosecutor Kim Foxx has dropped 25K Felony cases 35% more than her predecessor
5) OAKLAND – Robbery and shootings in broad daylight happening on regular basis. PORTLAND – 58 murders so far this year – Highest since 1994
6) EDUCATION INSANITY – In Oregon, the Governor signed a bill into law dumbing down Reading, Writing and Math for high school graduates under the RUSE of Racial Equity
7) In Mass., the average age of people with Covid breakthrough cases is 82.5
8) Texas Supreme Court blocks ruling which will allow Gov Abbott to ARREST the Democrats who fled the state. SANITY RETURNS
9) CA Gov. Newsome down 50-41 in Recall poll
10) Articles of Impeachment file against DHS Secretary Mayorkas – 188K tried crossing in June

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