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Conflict Escalates – Ukraine Requests Additional Help from NATO | Schaftlein Report

Conflict Escalates – Ukraine Requests Additional Help from NATO | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Retired Major General Jeffrey Schloesser – Commander of the 101st Airborne Division for 33 months including 15 months of combat in Afghanistan – Author of the book “Leadership in Combat in Afghanistan” ( )
1) Should and will the U.S. and NATO supply more offensive and defensive weapons to Ukraine? Russia threatens retaliation
*Are we willing to risk escalation? What are the dangers and unintended consequences of greater U.S. and NATO confrontation of Russia?
**What is the risk of NOT addressing Russian aggression?
2) Why is NATO in this position? Was Ukraine joining NATO the core issue that lead to the invasion or was Russia planning this regardless?
*Both Obama and Trump viewed Ukraine as NOT in the U.S. strategic interest
3) 40-mile convey headed to the capital Kiev – Shelling is escalating and significant more destruction is pending
*500K refugees have fled Ukraine
4) There are reports of Vacuum bombs being used which is a war crime – Civilian buildings are being targeted
5) Ukraine calls for no-fly zone – Conventional wisdom says this leads to war with Russia over Ukraine
6) The effect of Economic Sanctions – The Ruble is down 30% and interest rates are now at 20% in Russia
*What is the risk of Economic collapse in Russia?
7) There is a risk of global stagnation – Allies agree to 60M barrel release from strategic reserves
*This is a very short-term effort that will not be effective in the long run – There is a risk of liquidity drying up globally
8) Russia is a 3rd world economy with a 1st rate nuclear arsenal – Financial markets across the globe are reeling
9) Turkey to restrict transit of Russian warships through the straights it controls
*How much pressure should be turned up on the Russians by other NATO countries? Norway considers sending weapons

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