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CNN Poll 68% believe Biden has the Wrong Priorities.

1) Americans overwhelmingly want the administration to focus on Inflation.

2) White House – No Climate Emergency Declaration, yet but Biden will do Executive Orders on climate?
Germany forces businesses to close down as energy is rationed due to Russian gas shortage. Hospitals, schools and food producers are prioritized.
Energy prices could triple this year when it gets cold.
EU proposes voluntary 15% Natural Gas Cut as Putin threatens to cut off gas flows.

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3) 17 Democratic members of congress arrested during abortion protest at Supreme Court. AOC mocked for fake handcuff.

4) House passes Marriage Equality bill with all Democrats and 50 Republicans which would repeal Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 that
defined marriage as a union of a man and a woman.

5) Why are leftists angry over the 22 year old that stopped a mass casualty event?

6) Build Back Better reduced from $3.5T monstrosity to a $40B Prescription Drug Bill. My, my how times have changed.
Thank you Senator Manchin!!!

7)No spending on Climate and raising taxes.
Thank you Senator Manchin!!!

8) NYC being over run with asylum seeking migrants with an additional 3,000 arriving on buses from Texas and Arizona.
Mayor pleads for help

9) McConnell predicts a crowded field of Republicans running for President

10) Soros donates $1.0M to O’Rourke for TX Governor race. A preview of coming attractions.

11) Massive heat wave in U.S. Drought in CA central valley threatens food supply. 25% comes from there.

12) DeSantis leads Trump in Florida and Michigan polls. Slams Biden for wrong thinking energy policies

12) Japan replaces China as largest holder of U.S. debt with $1.2T versus $1.0T

13) After Biden praises GM for the EV efforts, GM decides to manufacture some cars in Mexico? Huh?

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