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Blue Cities Fighting to REFUND the Police | Schaftlein Report

Blue Cities Fighting to REFUND the Police | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Heather Shouse – Conservative Podcaster and Blogger ( )
1) SF increases Police Budget amidst huge increase in crime – residents have had enough
2) Chicago 7 shot and 4 killed just yesterday – 12 BLUE cities experience RECORD Homicide Rates
3) The NFL funding to organizations include “DeFund the Police Groups through “Inspire Change”, the NFL’s Social justice arm
*Some organizations support Open Immigration, no police and No Prisons – What is this about?
4) Vaccine Mandates return to NYC and LA + many parts of CA – Google to fire Unvaccinated workers
*Many health care providers are not enforcing the mandate due to shortages of qualifies people
5) In you won’t believe this – The Biden Administration is blaming high Meat Prices on Meat companies as they look for any excuse for their failures
6) Congress Voted last night to raise the Debt Ceiling by $2.5T to $31.4T – Only 1 Republican joined the Democrats
7) Senator Manchin still not in agreement with Democrats and Biden on $1.75T Build Back Better Bill – CBO and Parliamentarian also obstacles
8) To show how out of touch the Democrats in Congress are, last night they passed a bill about combating Islamophobia globally strictly along party lines
9) DeSantis looks to ship Illegals to Biden and Obama hometowns
10) Gross domestic Production is forecast to be 3.9% in 2022 – Will rising Interest Rates cool the stock market? Many stocks are already in severe correction mode
11) While sitting at a 40-42% approval rate, Biden predicts Democratic wins in 2022 midterms – What else could he say?

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