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Biden Hits an All time Polling Low – Country Going the Wrong Way | Schaftlein Report

Biden Hits an All time Polling Low – Country Going the Wrong Way | Schaftlein Report
1) Right track / wrong track upside down by 59 points with 16% saying America is on the right track, 75% wrong track
2) Biden approval falls to new low of 39% in NBC poll while 56% disapprove
*Abortion and Corona Virus are the only areas giving Biden positive news
3) Consumer sentiment hits 51% the lowest since 2011
a. Price increases are most prevalent among food/groceries, housing and autos all up significantly
b. Stamps slated to go to $.60 in July from $.58, more increases likely
4) The average price of gas is $4.47 nationwide, diesel at $5.56
a. CA gas is average $5.92 – I paid $6.59 over the weekend
b. Biden Administration cancelled 3 Federal Leases last week – The Industry wanted to move ahead
c. This is insanity provoked by the Green Leftists controlling Biden
5) Finland launches bid to join NATO and Sweden is not far behind
6) Sen(s). Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, John Thune and John Barasso visit Zelenskyy in Kiev to bolster bi-partisan support
*Mcconnell requests Biden label Russia a state sponsor of terrorism
7) War refugees now exceed 6M
*Britain says Russia has lost 33% of its forces as death and loss of equipment grows
8) Grain crisis risk is escalated in Africa and Middle East as Russia blocks grain sales – India bans wheat sales
*Wheat jumps 6%
9) Mass shooting hate crime in Buffalo kills 10 – 1 dead and 4 critical after church shooting in Laguna Woods
10) 20 gun shots in Milwaukee after basketball play-off game Friday forced cancellation of a watch party on Sunday
*Boston defeated Milwaukee – Houston Flea Market shooting leaves 2 dead and 3 injured
11) PA Senate Republican primary very tight:
a. Oz -32%
b. Barnette – 27%
c. McCormick 26%

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